Two weeks later…. and virtual learning has begun!!

So…it was two weeks ago that I started this blog and I have been tackling the first module of virtual learning for my MLDP course. It is centered on Consultative Engagement Management – and as something I have never done before is ALL new to me, which makes it quite challenging, but also very interesting. The learning is given in the form of listening to two or three subject matter experts talking about the topic and going through a slide deck, followed by an individual planning exercise and a quiz (which you have to get 80% or more to pass!). Module 1 was in three parts, Scope The Engagement (which I completed at the weekend), Build the Team & Project Plan (which I tackled last night) and Validate the Sponsor (which I finished just this morning).

So here are the main points from each module

Scope The Engagement:

  • Action orientated objectives in a project should lead to a clearly defined business outcome
  • Hypotheses should be logically linked to the objectives
  • From the initial request you should collaborate with key stakeholders to build the Engagement Scope, that will drive business impact
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to agree trade-offs between resources/schedule and level of detail

Build the Team and Project Plan:

  • Project reality check – is there enough horsepower?
  • Make sure you collaborate seamlessly as one team
  • Don’t lose sight of the scope and objectives, don’t add the wrong people and don’t overestimate time frames needed

Validate the Sponsor:

  • Network with your stakeholders – can help you discover biases, discuss hypotheses and understand their influencers
  • Make sure your objectives are shared from the start – are you on the same page at the beginning?
  • Design for shared investment – Is your team big enough and does everyone have some “skin in the game” (I had to look up what that meant!)
  • Map Comms plan to project schedule – lead with a point of view, motivate action, demand commitment

So in two weeks time I hope to have completed module 2, so check back for that! Remember you can find out other updates by following me on Twitter @RSwindell.

In other news this week….I went to a masquerade ball that a friend was running for his Scuba Diving company’s annual do! It was great fun, and I even won a prize in the charity raffle – a back massage at a local salon.

Here is a pic of me (on the left) at the event with my sister.



About beckyowen

I am a European Social Media Strategist at IBM. I love everything about Social Media, and like testing out new tools and techniques. I am also an on going Weight Watcher, but sadly LOVE all types of cheese and chocolate!
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