Module 2 done! Just in time for Christmas! `

Hi All

So it’s been another hectic few weeks – both at work and at home (buying a wedding dress, wedding rings, Christmas presents, writing cards and dealing with a very naughty cat – more on that later!).

I have now completed (as promised!) the second module in the Consultative Engagement Management virtual learning course as part of IBM’s MLDP. Again, another fascinating three part module, which really is making me think about how unstructured my projects are at the moment – in comparison to the best practices that are discussed during the learning. Luckily I passed all tests at the end of each module – and already trying to start weaving in some of the ideas into my current projects.

So in good blog fashion, here are some bullet points around each module.

2a) Gather and Analyse Data:

  • A good project is like baking a cake – you may have the right ingredients (data) but you need to add and measure correctly to make a good cake – and sometimes you might need to call in an expert (like my mum if making chocolate cake!)
  • When gathering data from interviewing SME’s make sure you start with open ended questions, then moved to more closed questions. But ALWAYS ASK WHY!
  • Always use a central repository to share findings – like IBM SmartCloud

2b)  Developing Insights:

  • Do you insights pass the “so what?” test – you should have an explicit view of the implications to your organisation of this insight
  • Do the insights DRIVE ACTION? And therefore, a change in business outcomes
  • Creativity around actions from insights takes time, teamwork and disciplines to push beyond the obvious

2c) Build the Story line:

  • Story lines must include Characters, Conflict, Complication, Causality, and Change
  • The stories pain points are the “stakes” that motivate people to act
  • Stories often require a shift in perspective to be truly understood

So as its the Christmas holidays I hope to have completed module 3 by the end of the year, so check back for that! Remember you can find out other updates by following me on Twitter @RSwindell.

In other news this week…..As I mentioned our cat has been very naughty and got into a fight with the neighborhood tom cat – I think they are fighting for territory of the school playground at the back of the house! Anyway… £150 later this is the result….. I think Patch might have lost!! Do cat head guards exist?!

1474384_589650617789597_749692924_n 1536532_589650521122940_1885543590_n

Have a great holiday everyone, and hope to see you all soon in 2014!!


About beckyowen

I am a European Social Media Strategist at IBM. I love everything about Social Media, and like testing out new tools and techniques. I am also an on going Weight Watcher, but sadly LOVE all types of cheese and chocolate!
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