Team Social rocked in Orlando!……

So…. it has been two weeks since my last blog… and I KNOW I promised to blog from Connect in Orlando, but I was just so busy that before I knew it I was on the plane heading home to Blighty.

WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK!! Sorry to yell, but it really was one of the best weeks of my working life so far. I learnt so so so much, and worked with the most talented bunch of people, made lots of new friends, and really feel like I have joined a new family of socially savvy social business specialists!

So here’s a brief overview of what I was doing:

  • Being in the Social Lounge – and helping customers, IBMers and BPs “Get Social”
  • Tweeting from the IBM Connect handle, mainly at the OGS, keynotes, Social Buzz Chats & CGS
  • Attended Social Buzz chats that were given by a range of Social experts, my favourites being “Does Klout Count?” (watch the video here) and an excellent talk from Social influencer Pam Moore
  • Being a coordinator for the Lego Challenge – an ice breaking game on the first night where teams had to build the highest tower of Lego they could in 5 minutes
  • Attended a tweetup where I got to meet some of my all time favourite tweeters! (see pics below)
  • Updating the Lego leader board for the Connect Game
  • Participating in the Connect Game – all customers & BPs were divided into teams based on their surname, they could earn points by being “Social” – tweeting, retweeting, posting photos on Instagram, attending a book signing etc. Prizes were awarded for individuals at the end of each day & an overall team prize at the end of the conference – won by the blue team!!
  • I also got to meet the amazing Jay Baer, who was the host of IBM Connect and did an awesome job keeping the crowds engaged & enthused during the keynote sessions

If you would like to watch videos from the event, then here is the YouTube playlist

I highly recommend you follow some of the gurus I worked with during the week, I suggest following the following(!):
Colleen Burns (the best Team Social leader in the world!) – @colleeni
Pam Moore (owner of Marketing Nutz & Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer & true inspiration to me) – @pammktgnut
Delaney Turner (expert blogger – see example here!) -@DTurnerblogs
Jay Baer (author of the best selling book “Youtility”) – @jaybaer
Andrew Grill (ex CEO of Kred & now working at IBM, expert in all things Social & fantastic blogs at – @andrewgrill
Friso Van Den Berg (a great new friend, Head of ICT at the Salvation Army, IBM Champion & bearer of amazing waffles) – @frisovandenberg

In other news….

Rather than random other news, here are my favourite pictures from the event. You can catch all tweets by searching #IBMConnect. Remember you can follow me @RSwindell

What a Buzz :)

What a Buzz 🙂

#ibmchamp - new family

#ibmchamp – new family

Two for one?! Me and @Colleeni

Two for one?! Me and @Colleeni

Me and Jay Baer

Me and Jay Baer

Testing the Mad Hatters Hats!

Testing the Mad Hatters Hats!

Me with Pam & Josh Moore

Me with Pam & Josh Moore

Full of hot air?!

Full of hot air?!

Thanks for reading, until next time 🙂


About beckyowen

I am a European Social Media Strategist at IBM. I love everything about Social Media, and like testing out new tools and techniques. I am also an on going Weight Watcher, but sadly LOVE all types of cheese and chocolate!
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2 Responses to Team Social rocked in Orlando!……

  1. IBM Connect is most definitely a full-on week with very little chance to breathe. And it seems to get busier and busier each year. Although I didn’t get to the Social Cafe as much as I wanted, well done to you and the rest of Team Social for organising a great set of activities and events. It seems to go from strength to strength and is becoming a big part of the event.


    • rebeccaswindell says:

      Thanks Paul. Yes the cafe was in a great position this year, bigger than before and so much going on!! Colleen does an amazing job at running team social, and was so honoured to be a part of it this year.


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