Its been three weeks since my last post…. I’m sorry!

There has been so much happening in my day job as a marketing manager for IBM’s Social Business brand that I shamefully haven’t made time to blog. We ran two fantastic events in Edinburgh and London, but now they have been done and dusted for a week I can finally blog again.

It has been an interesting few weeks on the MLDP course – one of our members left and team, and we were joined by David Toh in Malaysia.  We had a call with the IBMer who submitted the project, Rodrigo Rodriguez in Mexico, and he gave some fascinating insight into IBM’s Cloud customer base in the growth markets. We talked a lot about IBM’s recent acquisition of Cloud company – Softlayer, and how much that has enhanced our Cloud offering to our customers.

We also had a call with our project sponsor – Diane Brink, again an extremely interesting and informative call discussing the possibly challenges and opportunities we will uncover during our project.

Another call (with all of the MLDP class of 2013/2014) was around storyboarding, with IBM expert Susie Schiffler, on which we were told about best practices for not only writing effective presentations, but as well as presentations skills, to make sure we bring our powerpoints to live! The main thing that stuck with me was that each slide needs horizontal (flow from page to page) and vertical (“prove it to me” supporting content) logic. Other tips were don’t waste time on slides that will never see the light of day, gather feedback to identify gaps, leave time to polish and teach, motivate and be memorable.

These calls (along with my weekly project team calls) are really making me realise how much I will learn on this project, and hopefully enhance some of my current skills, as well as develop completely new ones.

We travel to New York next week to work on our projects face to face, as well as attend more sessions with IBM subject matter experts (I am going out two days early to enjoy some of the sites and sounds of the Big Apple!), so will not blog again until I am out there, but going to try to as hard as I can to write a couple in-between classes. I am very excited about meeting my project team in person, as well as going to the IBM Client Centre in central New York on the last day of the week.

Remember, you can keep up to date with how I am getting on by following me on Twitter @RSwindell.

In other news…
My fiancé and I had a great weekend at Beaulieu Motor Museam – at first I though all the cars would be very dull, but there is so much more to do there!! There is a fun monorail, a beautiful abbey and old palace house, as well as a lovely walk around a mill pond. Highly recommend it!

P1030734 P1030753 P1030749 P1030704 P1030668 P1030688


About beckyowen

I am a European Social Media Strategist at IBM. I love everything about Social Media, and like testing out new tools and techniques. I am also an on going Weight Watcher, but sadly LOVE all types of cheese and chocolate!
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