New IBM Interactive Experience Lab in London!!!!

Well I am SUPER excited about today’s announcement from IBM – we are opening 10 new IBM Interactive Experience labs globally – and one of those will be in London! When I was in New York last week we had a tour of the lab there, which was AMAZING, so can’t wait to see one of these labs coming to my local office – I will definitely be trying to get in there as much as they will let me!

The team in these labs will work on creating models of engagement that are highly personalised by using the latest design techniques and data analysis. The labs mean clients will be able to work alongside an IBM team of experts, researchers and consultants on digital marketing projects – that will cover four key strategic areas of Mobile, Cloud, Analytics and Social – all with an overriding theme of data driven experiences. All with the aim of  IBM customers being able to engage with their customers in completely new ways – learning how to interact on a highly personalised level with each individual, whether this is B2B or B2C.

The labs will combine the talent of our researchers and designers in our IBM Interactive Experience teams, both from a data (information on users choices, attitudes, preferences etc.) and design point of view, the latter working directly with clients on how to create experiences that are more and more driven by mobile (which is where IBM’s MobileFirst portfolio can help with the transformation). Overall, as the Social Business brand would say, exceptional customer experiences any time, any where and on any device!!!

If you would like to read the full story, please see the press release here.

For more information on IBM Interactive Experience, you should check out –

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About beckyowen

I am a European Social Media Strategist at IBM. I love everything about Social Media, and like testing out new tools and techniques. I am also an on going Weight Watcher, but sadly LOVE all types of cheese and chocolate!
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