Tweetchat on Social Analytics – Get Involved!

So been bad and not post a blog for a while… have been very busy catching up after 12 days away and celebrating my birthday!

Wanted to write a quick post about a tweetchat we have coming up on Thursday 26th at 5pm UK time (I will blog about MLDP later this week I PROMISE!).  The title of the tweetchat is “Turbo-charge your Enterprise with Social Network Analytics” and will be hosted by some of IBM’s top Social Analytics experts, as well as some of our partner organisations. The hashtag will be #P4SPChat.

The main theme will be around how you can analyse interactional data to better understand HOW your business works (i.e. not just looking at transactional data which tells you only WHAT the business does). By doing this, companies are able to gain a deeper insight of their customers and employees behavioural drivers, which can then lead to companies making changes to have a better strategy for engaging with these groups of people. The type of questions being answered by our expert panel will be:

  • What can analysis of online interactions (social, Collaboration, or Comms footprint) tell us about an individual?
  • What are the greatest inhibitors to success of social network analytics?
  • What should we do to address privacy concerns resulting from social network analytics?

The Expert Panel will be: 
Rawn Shah, Chief Strategy Officer @ Alynd (@rawn)
Michael Wu, Chief Scientist @ Lithium Technologies (@mich8elwu).
David O’Leary, CEO @ Ripple Technologies (@dwol).
Seth Duncan, Head of Analytics @ W2O Group (@PRResearch).
Kate Ehrlich, Social Science Researcher @ IBM (@KateEhrlich).
Jean Francois Puget, Distinguished Engineer @ IBM (@JFPuget).
Marie Wallace, Analytics Strategist @ IBM (@marie_wallace)

For more information check out –

I will be joining in the chat, so feel free to follow me on @RSwindell. 

In other news… it was my birthday this week and had a great meal out with twenty of my friends at Jamie’s Italian in Guildford, here is a photo of me with one of my dearest friends. I am needless to say not looking forward to my weigh in tonight having had a few cocktails and a large bowl of pasta! 



About beckyowen

I am a European Social Media Strategist at IBM. I love everything about Social Media, and like testing out new tools and techniques. I am also an on going Weight Watcher, but sadly LOVE all types of cheese and chocolate!
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