iMedia Digital Summit – what a great event!

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the iMedia digital summit (#iMedia2014). The agenda was packed full of interesting sessions, so wanted to share highlights of a few of the ones I enjoyed the most. I also met some incredibly inspiring people, so have a renewed vigour around my digital campaigns at IBM. I have split the blog into two parts (morning today and will post afternoon tomorrow), apologies for the length, but there was just so much great content that it was hard to cut it down.

The days main focus was on data and content making customer experiences better. The first speaker was Bettina Sherick from 20th Century Fox and was SVP of Digital Marketing Strategy. She says God intended us to watch movies on the big screen, and her goal is to make sure this continues for all generations to come!

“We have had to change the way we market films before… WhenTV came along! Hollywood has to be astute as we march forward in this digital world” Bettina said.

She then discussed some of there recent digital tactics. Like the social cards they produced for the Life of Pi films, which went viral on social networks. As well as the yahoo network, where incredibly emotional stories where shared, and Fox won four awards for them. She also spoke about the Secret Life of Walter Mitty ( LOVED that film!) and the #liveyourdreams campaign. This led to Casey Neistat using Fox’s campaign money and help to go to the Philippines and run a relief programme to help thousands of people affected by the typhoon, and making a video of what happened –

Bettina wrapped with these tips – sorry for blurry photo! I think you should all follow here on twitter @bettina.

Top Tips from Bettina

Aol also did an interesting session on the future of online video given by Mark Melling. Here’s an interesting slide of the pros and cons of TV verses Digital advertising.

Pros and Cons

Do you agree with the chart above?

Mark said he believed the future is a convergence of these two mediums, leveraging the best of both and creating a better ecosystem that improves the way the consumer receives the content.

Here’s another few interesting slide from the Teradata session given by Tom Bailey

photo 1 photo 122 photo 13

I then went into a stream of sessions around engagement. The first was Dominic Duffy from Ceros on Engagement or One Night Stand. He went through some don’ts:

Don’t treat content as an ad campaign – the goals are not the same
Don’t create a strategy to specifically designed to increasing sharing – consumers aren’t stupid
Don’t assume content can’t work across device – it can!

And the do’s
Do design for humans – don’t force people to zoom!
People like video – so use it!
Ask questions
Make it shoppable
Measure constantly and refine in context – which people and what content did they interact with

Next was a panel with people from McLaren, EE, Buzzfeed, Very, Base79, and moderated by Sandhutch, and the debate focused on unlocking value on video as part of integrated campaigns. Great data analysis seemed to be the key for this, and video content not just served on TV, but on YouTube etc. Creating the right content for the right platform is imperative for long term growth.

Buzzfeed are starting their campaign for working with brands for producing great video content now in the UK so I will be eagerly looking out for that, their YouTube channel has had a billion hits in just 18 months.

photo 2

But at the end of the day all round agreement from the panel on INTEGRATION of campaigns is fundamental to success! That and emotive content.

There was a further panel session with people from Spotify, Outbrain, and different person from Buzzfeed and moderated by Seven on content marketing verses native advertising in driving engagement. A very clear message from Buzzfeed was “trust the audience” – don’t just try to flog standard ads, listen to what the consumer wants. if you go to a party don’t just talk about how fabulous you are – people will walk away – the same applies online, relevance is crucial. Spotify added to this saying to build trust you have to be transparent, audiences now see through it, build proper value. Lego are ether masters of content marketing according to Outbrain, so maybe it’s time I kept a closer eye on Lego and try to emulate some of their success in my content creation!

I will post again tomorrow around the afternoon sessions – which again where packed with some great content. You can always follow my updates via Twitter on @RSwindell.

In other news…

I had a great catch up with one of my beautiful bridesmaids (there are six of them!) in Windsor on Friday night, and went to a bar called the Duchess of Cambridge, which did great cocktails, so recommend it if you are ever passing through!

Natasha and Me



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