iMedia – my highlights from day two!

As I posted yesterday, I had a fantastic day at the #iMedia2014 summit last week, and wanted to share my highlights from the afternoon sessions.

After lunch the first session was a fireside chat with the head of media fro GSK – Sam Singh. He said that the great idea are platform agnostic, ideas can come from anywhere, in addition great ideas are scalable opportunities for the entire business. Search and video are key aspects of this mantra. The consumer journey has to be considered throughout the process of content creation, as well as where the content will be placed. Digital should not be considered as one thing however, it’s not an animal it’s a zoo!

Next was a discussion with the CEO’s from Civolution & Xaxis. One of the comments I thought was very interesting was the idea than that it used to be electricity spikes in adverts when people went to make a cup of tea, now everyone picks up one of their devices to browse and search. – attention is moving to your “second screen”‘ so this is having an impact on TV adverts, great campaigns would sync the experiences so optimising the messages.


Joel Windel from Brandwatch was try first session after a much needed coffee break and briefly introduced their social listening platform. He then discussed social media trends, and then walked through an theoretical example of tourist board campaigns, and how just counting how many people talk about your brand is hollow and meaningless. Relevancy needs to be taken into account, so as well as intent to purchase. He also spoke about taking sentiment with a “pinch of salt”, which I 100% agree with! as listening tools can not (yet) distinguished tone of voice, sarcasm etc.

Next YPlan discussed some of the trends they have seen during the last fifteen months during the launch of their going out app in London, San Fran and NYC.
Engagement trends
#1 Push vs. Pull
#2 customisation and social relevancy is the name of the game
#3 target key touch points
#4 mindshare at pain point
#5 move with technology

Another panel session followed talking about Start-ups and disruptive tech: How can brands maximise the value of their investment? Companies speaking included Unilever Ventures, Expedia, Vizeum, Amnesty International and was moderated by
Ken Valledy, Founder & CEO, t2b. Unilever said it was the second largest advertiser on the planet, it doesn’t want to be the largest, it wants to be the most effective. Unilever therefore encourages experimentation by using new innovative companies, but making sure they address the risks that might be associated with this. He also said there is no point a large company just thinking about itself, there needs to be a win for the smaller digital companies etc that it’s working with,which I thought it was a very interesting concept.

The final panel session of the day was on experience verses comms and featured a range of interesting speakers. I thought one of the most interesting comments was from Geoff Seeley at Unilever…TV still works as people still watch it, the experiment is what is the exit broadcast channel. We still need to operate at scale, but need to be brave to move down new paths to ensure we are at the forefront. I must also say the concept behind “ieat” I thought was brilliant and their success is inspiring. I also really liked what ITV said about brands may want a deep relationship with their consumers! but consumers don’t necessarily want a deep relationship with the brand!


Dave Trott from Gate London and was certainly one do the most frank speakers of the day! He said you need to separate style from creativity – style is tarting something up that already exists, creativity is creating something NEW. He gave the example of CGI adverts – being style rather than creativity. He gave an interesting stat 1000 messages per person per day, so with 100 of us in the room, that’s 100,000 messages and only five people stuck up hand to say they remembered an advert they saw yesterday… Think of all that wasted advertising money!

One of the messages that really stuck in my head,  was when Dave said that the quality of the brief is inversely proportional to the quality of it – don’t over complicate it! People will just flick the channel.

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In other news…

I got a new bike from Evans for my birthday – the Claud Butler Pinelake mountain bike – here’s a picture of Velcro checking it out!





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