#thepunnet – another reason why I love my job

OK so breaking all my own rules… and not blogging regularly AND mixing topics. But yet again something is happening at IBM that I am involved in, loving every minute of, and want to share with you all.

I am now part of an exciting new team at IBM called The Punnet – and we are all working on the Social Media from IBM around the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 2014. The team is being managed by Justina Gilbert (my boss) & Scott Stockwell (brand and communications leader in the UKI), with one of our key stakeholders being the client executive lead for Wimbledon (and the RFU) – Sam Seddon. The Punnet team consists of a range of people from across IBM UKI marketing and communications, some of us are aligned to brands, some in PR and some in advertising. We are meeting once a week, and using IBM’s video conferencing software when not in the office (must make sure the study is tidy every week from now on!). I have put all the team into a twitter list that you can find here – https://twitter.com/RSwindell/lists/team-social-ibm-wimbledon and you can follow our progress by searching #thepunnet.

We have had two great workshops so far where we are exploring a wide range of social media activities that will be taking place pre, during and post the tournament. I have already learnt so much about how new projects should be approached, teams managed, content generated and shared, what makes content memorable and how it should make us feel. Scott has even kindly given us special team notepads to make sure we can jot down ideas on the move!


It is a very special year for IBM at Wimbledon, as 2014 is the 25th year that we have been partnering with Wimbledon – this partnership incorporates several key initiatives that IBM helps clients with – including Cloud, Analytics, Social Business and Mobile, you can find out heaps about how we work with Wimbledon by visiting www.ibm.com/wimbledon. The best known part of course of this relationship is the IBM Slamtracker!  So with this special anniversary in mind, there should be a great buzz on all social media channels, with some fantastic new stats and content coming VERY soon from IBM – so make sure you watch out for it.

It really is projects like this that motivate & inspire me, and make me very very proud to be an IBMer.

Remember you can get my daily updates by following @RSwindell.

In other news….

We built a new bike shed this weekend… the instructions said it would take two people two hours… it took us eight, but I think that just made me more proud of our efforts!! And check out our rotivated lawn.



About beckyowen

I am a European Social Media Strategist at IBM. I love everything about Social Media, and like testing out new tools and techniques. I am also an on going Weight Watcher, but sadly LOVE all types of cheese and chocolate!
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