Celebrating CeBIT & Social Skills Sharing

So as promised, I wanted to share a few things around my week in Hannover last week, and what a week it was!!

I went over to support a specific IBM event during the CeBIT conference, focussed on IBM Verse, and spent the week tweeting from the IBM Social Business UK Twitter account. We had a great team of onsite people and remote teams tweeting from other accounts in their native language, including German, French, Italian and Spanish.

I was very fortunate to be working with three FANTASTIC ladies from the states at CeBIT, Phylicia Proctor – who headed up the team, Camille Brandon – who worked on social tiles (in multiple languages!) & with our Pedicab team, and Emily May – who was responsible for taking a lot of the content we were creating and sharing in on our social hub so that people across the world could easily share it with their social networks. We used Whatsapp during the conference so we could quickly share content amongst the onsite and offsite group.

Here I am with the lovely ladies on St Paddys day – really will be friends for life.


We were also working closely with the very talented Stefan Pfeiffer, who among many other things at the conference, spoke twice on the value of Social Business AND organised an AMAZING surprise beat box session during the conference, that aimed to drive attendance to the signature event on the Wednesday and encouraged people to get involved in a competition to create a verse around Verse – for those German speakers you can see the beat box session here.

Here is an example of one of the social tiles created from the IBM Verse event.


There were several aims of our social media activity during the week, the principle being getting CeBIT attendees to come to our Verse event and those that weren’t at the event to attend via the live stream. Then once the event was taking place, to make sure we were sharing great content via various IBM channels from the IBM and customer speaker sessions. Here is a storify of my favourite tweets during our Verse event at CeBIT.

We were also trying to make sure CeBIT visitors came to the IBM stand – where we were showcasing a range of IBM expertise, including Watson, Social Business, Cloud, Security and much more!

Here is a picture of our fantastic IBM stand at CeBIT.

IBM CeBIT stand

As I mentioned we also had a pedicab – where we were asking people to share their stories of what they would do with their extra time, if they spent less time working on their email. Here is an example of one of the videos – 

And here is the pedicab! What would you do with your extra time? I think I would use it to garden! 

IBM Verse Pedicab
 In Other News 

Despite being tired from a crazy week in Germany (including a ten hour journey home due to cancelled Lufthansa flights) I joined friends in a local pub on Saturday to watch lots of rugby!! It was a shame that England didn’t win the tournament, as it went down to goal difference, but it was a really exciting match, and great opportunity to catch up with everyone! Her’s a picture of me with my sister and great friend Mychelle (yes that is her real name and not a typo!).

I have a great weekend coming up too, going to a great gym class with a friend on Saturday morning, date night with husband Saturday night, and Sunday catching up with the girls, including my friend Riggy who lives in Italy and only get to see twice a year so really looking forward to that!



About beckyowen

I am a European Social Media Strategist at IBM. I love everything about Social Media, and like testing out new tools and techniques. I am also an on going Weight Watcher, but sadly LOVE all types of cheese and chocolate!
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