iMedia Brand Summit – my second year 

iMediaUK Brand Summit returned to BAFTA again this year, and I was once again lucky enough to attend. Below our a few highlights from my favourite sessions. Read the tweets from the day using #imediauk.

Paul Frampton, CEO from Havas Group was the day’s chair. The programme was created along the central themes of data and content, with streams named Engage and Touch.
I loved his opening – its like teen sex – everyone’s talking about it, but not many are actually doing it – what was he talking about do you think? It was digital transformation. Paul said 74% of people surveyed would not care of brands disappeared, people are falling out of love with them. He also said data and content intersect – right messaging right place and time and people driven collaboration is how digital transformation will succeed.
David Timm KFC was then interviewed by Debra Ladd BBH on embracing the changing science of brand strategy. KFC videos were then played (which made me want some chicken!). David said bad years in business are actually positive – forces you to reappraise & there is an opportunity to take bigger risks, you can become bolder. He said you need to think about penetration and frequency – don’t just think about your heavy users – this is too narrow, look for truths in the data at a broader level. Heavy users give you the least option to innovate, have a wider lens. He also said you have to look at emotion, what emotion is right for your brand? It’s a new round world, not a flat world.

Next was a panel on “the next big thing, cognition, content and consumer conversations – three things to realise more engaging and effective marketing” – with three startups – Emily Forbes from SeenIt, Heather Andrew from Neuro-Insight, Rowley Bourne from Rezonence and Paul Rowlinson from Mindshare moderated the session. Paul said this is the most exciting time to be in marketing, data and mass personalisation drive this. Emily said they empower their brand advocates to help amplify the brands, they tap into the content their create, bridging the gap between consumers and the brand,  and professionalise their content to act as brand content. Authenticity and personal relevance, means content is kept longer in memory Heather said. Rowley said data capture is fundamental for customer segmentation, for successful advertising that is directly relevant to the content. Emily added user generated video content is now becoming an necessity, rather than just a bit of fun. Rowley added creating great content is hugely important, but make sure it’s seen and heard – like the adage of a tree falls in a forest does anyone actually hear it. Heather added brands have to be brave, and take a risk I order to be successful now.
Unfortunately I had to miss a couple of sessions due to a call for my new role, but then went into a session from Brandwatch on Twitter by Joe Windels. He said people talk about brands on social, more than films or TV. Only 4% of brands respond to complaints within 15 minutes, whilst 36% of consumers expect a response within that time frame, and only 4% of people talking about the brand are following the brand accounts. Again 4% (clearly the magic number) check in on Facebook to official brand places.
After yet another call, I went back into sessions to hear a panel on does anyone care about your content marketing – with Hazel Kay from Selfridges, Giovanni Gribaudo from Iglo Foods, Aditya Mohan from Unilever, Alex Cheeseman from Outbrain & moderated by Paul Frampton from Havas. Hazel says content marketing for them is about using great content to change buyers behaviour. Aditya said it was the tools and ingredients you need in your kitchen. Giovanni said its ultimately about and growth, something their CEO looks at very closely. Alex thinks we are going through an evolution, our metrics are changing – we’ve moved from volume to engagement – most important are the users coming back?
Hazel said they want to be the voice of the content, they need to own it, considering media owners, but ultimately they want people to come to them. She said the challenge is communicating it up, as some levels only understand “reach” – not the other multi factors, it’s education that’s needed. Giovanni said they are hiring so that they get the right team in place to optimise their content creation. Alex said we need a shift in business, you need a whole new score of people talking together for content marketing, not operating in silos. But many brands need to take a step back. Look at the data insights, before they can validate their content creation. Aditya said content marketing isn’t new – think about newspapers – it’s now just a new/different skill.
After lunch there was a session from Dan Michelson from O2, once again chaired by Paul Frampton. Dan started by saying they try to make sure they are not scared of failure, whilst limiting the risk, rather taking it out of the whole process, which allows them to crate some innovative ideas. Data allows 02 to create truly personalised engaging content. They are always looking at platforms to see where “youngsters” are going, they are the hardest to target. It can’t just be social that reacts here and now, it has to be all your comms. He spoke about agency briefs – how can every brief have the same sections in, it should be more dynamic and sophisticated then this, twelve months ago looks very different from now. If the contents really good, you shouldn’t have to pay for it to spread, it should be organic.
The next panel was on connecting the golden triangle of mobile, social and video. There were many great ideas, here are my favourite:
  • If you are going to centralised your video, the story has to be universal
  • You have to watch your own data and challenge your own assumptions
  • Don’t think about separate tools, it should be one user experience,engaging on any different platform
  • There are now tools that can test emotional reaction to videos – which can help you decide which videos to publish based on the emotion your brand wants to convey 
  • Fifty percent of YouTube videos have under fifty views – video content has become commoditised though, as you can buy impressions and views, so that people can just took a  box – it’s an onslaught of “shit”
The closing session as AMAZING by David Shing from AOL – I was enthralled within 30 seconds and therefore didn’t write any notes – I didn’t want to miss a thing! But I highly recommend you follow him on Twitter now @shingy. I got to briefly meet him at the end too!
In other news 
My sister and I went to a gym class taster session at our local gym, we did Pump and Body Jam – the latter of which I am going to take up I think. Our fancy dress for the rugby sevens in May was also decided, I’m going as Smurfette!!



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I am a European Social Media Strategist at IBM. I love everything about Social Media, and like testing out new tools and techniques. I am also an on going Weight Watcher, but sadly LOVE all types of cheese and chocolate!
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