Making time for “Making Time for Social!

On Tuesday I attended another event hosted by the Social Media Leadership Forum – this time a subject very topical for me – “How to Make Time for Social Media”. As you know if you read my blog occasionally, up until April this year, my social media activities were on top of my “day job”. However, from the first April my dreams came true and I was given a European Social Media Strategist role at IBM – meaning for the first time Social WAS my job!! So now, it’s not a case of how I make time for social, but how can I help (and get people to) others make time for social!

Justin Hunt opened the session and posed some thought provoking around each of our social media activity:

  • What have you “given up” now that you were doing 10 years ago that has been replaced by Social?
    For me it would marketing tactics like direct mail, and less email (everyone’s inbox is full enough!) As well as doing less events, people’s time is precious, and if we can provide information they can digest in their own time via digital/social then it’s more helpful for our customers
  • What am I learning?
    I think through social I learn more about our customers – their challenges, motivations and preferences of how, when, what and how often they want to consume content
  • Who am I reaching?
    I think Social has greatly expanded my “reach” – not just into customers I haven’t spoken to both, but also colleagues – in fact I have a colleague called Marc Bulandr, who I first “met” on Twitter, and I can not wait to meet him in the flesh later in June! (you should all follow him, he shares some great stuff!)

Justin also got us thinking about whether as well as making time for social, do we make time to replenish ourselves? He said we are more worried nowadays about recharging our phone batteries than recharging ourselves!

Next up Moyra Scott led a really interesting exercise around looking at where all our information is coming into us from, and where we are sending information – here is my chart!


Moyra talked about how sometimes it’s important to step back, if you feel compelled to do something, take a step back and consider if you do really need to do it – do you need to go into the office and immediately switch on your computer? Or could you go and make a coffee and say good morning to people, BEFORE switching on for the day?!

She spoke about how some companies she goes into coach now do an hour of important project work before they look at their email, others reply to all emails after a 24 hour delay so that some of the back and forth between those on CC can die down, others that state on their voicemail to send a text if it’s critical and they don’t answer voicemails, and others that don’t even have voicemail at all!

The one statement from Moyra that really sticks in my head, and I am going to try to remember from now on both in my personal and professional life – “the thing that shouts the loudest, isn’t the most important thing!”.

The session continued with a panel discussion with Justin, Moyra and Paul Levy – Paul has written a book called the Digital Inferno – which sounds fascinating and is going to be my next purchase from Amazon.


Paul said we are communicating more than ever but email has not made us more productive, humans must rise to the challenge of the digital realm! He also mentioned a term I had not heard before “WWILF” – what was I looking for?!  I am definitely guilty of this – going to look up one thing on Twitter, then an hour later not remember what my original search was meant to be!

Paul continued that there are smarter ways of doing digital, it shouldn’t just be because it’s cool or you have to do it for your job (although technically I do have to do it for my job 🙂 ). He spoke about how the “copying in culture” on emails – does not build trust in an organisation, and certainly doesn’t help productivity.

Paul talked about three different placements for digital:

  • Physical placement – where and when
  • Emotional placement – when to engage with different types of content, so you can deal with situations properly
  • Temporal placement – placing social in time that is functional for customers or be benevolent – when is also beneficial for you

Paul closed with something that did really amuse me, and wonder how many of us could say it’s a concern – when “xxxx outweighs physical kisses” that’s when we need to be worried!!

We then did some more group work, discussing various topics around this “digital inferno” – was fascinating to hear others stories and views.

Overall another FANTASTIC session with the SMLF and can’t wait for the next one!!

In Other News

I went to the Surrey Country Show with my friend Mychelle on Sunday, it was brilliant – although I ate far too much cheese!! Luckily resisted the cider, but mainly because I was driving! I did get a knight to lend me this helmet and sword too!




About beckyowen

I am a European Social Media Strategist at IBM. I love everything about Social Media, and like testing out new tools and techniques. I am also an on going Weight Watcher, but sadly LOVE all types of cheese and chocolate!
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  1. Really good to meet you Becky – looking forward to following your progress! I love reading blogs – mine is Thanks for the mention – though I might want a slight rephrase “what shouts loudest isn’t **necessarily** the most important thing” 😉

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